Have you ever visited a corporate function and found it impossible to hear what the speaker was saying? This is because of poor sound equipment installation. One has to keep several factors in mind before setting up a sound system at home, in the school, at a theatre, or in a conference hall. To begin with, you should select a system whose wattage is suitable for the room. On the one hand, installing audio equipment that cannot generate sufficient sound power for the room it is installed in poses problems for individuals sitting furthest away from the audio source, since they will not be able to hear the sound. On the other hand, installing equipment that generates more than the required amount of audio translates into wastage of money as the price of the equipment increases with its output wattage.

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Value of speakers and installing them

You might purchase the best audio equipment available, but it will fail to produce desired results unless you use high quality speakers. Therefore, it is a wise idea to opt for the best speaker system you can afford. You should install speakers at strategic points in the room so that audio distributes properly throughout the room. Never place speakers opposite to each other since it will result in distortion of sound as the sound waves emitted from a speaker conflicts with that mounted opposite to it. Speakers manufactured by reputed brands might cost more, but they pay off their cost in the long run by providing you with the optimum audio experience.

Stop sound from echoing

Sound waves emitted by the speakers bounce off the opposite wall and damage the audio quality. You can prevent this from taking place by fixing sound dampening sheets on the walls of the room. This prevents sound from bouncing and enhances the clarity of the audio. These sheets are available in different sizes and are coated with adhesive on one side, covered with a layer of silicone sheet. Remove the silicone sheet and affix the sheets on the walls.

Different systems for different purposes

While you need a high wattage system for an open area or for a concert hall, a low wattage surround sound system is appropriate for your room. People often make the mistake of purchasing a high wattage system for their room. This can prove dangerous as the sound waves can cause cracks in the walls, especially if the system is turned on at full volume.

Installing the equipment

Hook up the speakers to the audio system and play a song that has both high and low pitches. Move to different parts of the room and check whether you can hear the audio properly. If you face any problems, shift the speakers and check again. You might have to do this a couple of times before you get the best results. Once you are satisfied, it is time to fix the speakers on the wall. It is a good idea to seek the help of an audio specialist for sound equipment installation in conference halls, schools, and auditoriums.