The artist

Frédérick Meunier was born in 1973 in the Paris region, and now lives near Vannes, in Morbihan.

Self-taught artist, he escapes the classic circuit and is inspired by the moment.

Since childhood, he is very sensitive and wonders about the invisible, Time, he will always be curious about the unexplained. Science and cinema are excellent supports for him to explore these fields.

To express his art he begins by writing many poems.

It was only in his forties that he believed in his inner strength, and launched out as an Artist: he felt ready to tackle glass sculpture, then painting.

Quickly, he became interested in Jean Dubuffet, Jean Cocteau and Robert Combas and turned to Art Brut. His works essentially touched on three universes: Tribal, Poetry, and Dark, In painting, he essentially worked acrylic for its large field of action, and watercolor which allows more lightness, suspension.

Wild at heart, he is in constant search of mindfulness, no matter where he goes, he must capture the moment.

Nature, music and travel are essential sources of inspiration and sharing that fuel his thirst for discovery.

He takes risks, confronts his emotions to create and reach the soul, to give meaning and to be free. Art becomes for him the image of his progress in Humanity.

Art is a universal language, essential, limitless, magical, overwhelming, which nourishes the soul, the heart and the spirit. The artist always seeks to transmit, to challenge to raise.